Highlights (last 12 months)

Nadine Mandran - Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite

Awards received by people - 12 Oct 2017
PIMLIG team, Support and Quality team

Brigitte Plateau nommée DGSIP en Conseil des ministres

Elections or appointments - 11 Oct 2017
LIG team

Yves Demazeau - Advances in Practical Applications of Cyber-Physical Multi-Agent Systems

Special books and numbers - 21 Jun 2017
MAGMA team

Ying-Siu Liang - first prize for the best poster at the ED MSTII PhD student Day

Awards received by people - 1 Jun 2017
MAGMA team

Ben Manson - Prix Louis D’Hainaut 2017 de la meilleur Thèse

Paper or demo award - 11 May 2017
METAH team

Céline Coutrix - 2017 CNRS Bronze Medal

Awards received by people - 24 Feb 2017
IIHM team

Andrzej Duda - Distinguished TPC member of IEEE Infocom 2017

Awards received by people - 30 Jan 2017

Re-edition of the book "Recherche d'Information: Applications modèles et algorithmes"

Special books and numbers - 23 Jan 2017
AMA team

Gwen Salaün - Special Issue of the Formal Aspects of Computing Journal (SEFM'14)

Special books and numbers - 20 Dec 2016

Gwen Salaün - Preface: Special Issue on Software Verification and Testing (SAC-SVT'15)

Special books and numbers - 19 Dec 2016

Nataliya Kosmyna, lauréate du Prix de thèse 2016 de la ComUE

Awards received by people - 15 Nov 2016
IIHM team

Viven Quema Executive Director of the Idex education component

Awards received by people - 14 Nov 2016
ERODS team

Équipe MAGMA - Best Student Paper à la conférence ICTAI-2016

Paper or demo award - 6 Nov 2016
MAGMA team