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MANAGEMENT TEAM Director: Éric GaussierDeputy directors: Gaëlle Calvary, Noël De Palma SCIENTIFIC BOARD Management team+ 1 team / area Leader+ PIMLIG Leader LABORATORY COUNCIL TEAMLEADERS BOARD Scientific Animation Research AreasCommunication Health and SafetyOffice SpaceMinalogicPublications (IST)European RelationsInternational RelationsSupport and QualityUsers Computer Resources (CUMI)Valorization COMMISSIONS RESEARCH AREAS AND TEAMS RESEARCH SUPPORT Administrationand FinanceP. Poulet Computer and InformationSystemsI. Guillet, C. Seguy MultidisciplinaryEngineering TeamP. Reignier Data and Knowledge Processingat Large Scale AMA: M-R AminiMOEX (EPC Inria): J. EuzenatGETALP: L. BesacierHADAS: C. ColletMRIM: G. QuénotSLIDE: S. Amer-YahiaSTEAMER: P.A. Davoine Distributed Systems, ParallelComputing, and Networks CORSE (EPC Inria): F. RastelloDATAMOVE (EPC Inria): B. RaffinDRAKKAR: A. DudaERODS: N. De PalmaPOLARIS (EPC Inria): A. Legrand Interactive and Cognitive Systems IIHM: L. NigayMAGMA: J. DugdaleMeTAH: A. ChaachouaPERVASIVE Interaction (EPC Inria): J.L. Crowley Formal Methods,Models, and Languages CAPP: R. EchahedCONVECS (EPC Inria): R. MateescuSPADES (EPC Inria): G. GoesslerTYREX (EPC Inria): P. Genevès, N. Layaida Software and InformationSystem Engineering ADELE: P. LalandaCTRL-A (EPC Inria): E. RuttenSIGMA: A. Front, C. LabbéVASCO: Y. Ledru LIG Organization - UMR 5217 - - March 2017