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Andrzej DUDA
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Connect All IP-based Smart Objects! Smart Objects and the Internet of Things provide unparalleled means to connect the physical world with the digital world, enabling important applications such as Smart Infrastructures, Smart Cities, and Smart Toys. But existing systems are typically proprietary and tailored to one specific application and sacrifice interoperability for low power consumption. This hinders widespread adoption. CALIPSO builds Internet Protocol (IP) connected smart object networks, but with novel methods to attain very low power consumption, thereby providing both interoperability and long lifetimes. CALIPSO leans on the significant body of work on sensor networks to integrate radio duty cycling and data-centric mechanisms into the IPv6 stack, something that existing work has not previously done. CALIPSO works at three layers: the network, the routing, and the application layer. We also revisit architectural decisions on naming, identification, and the use of middle-boxes. We are not alone in seeing the vision of IP-based smart objects, as evidenced by the IPSO Alliance, IETF standards (6LoWPAN, ROLL, CoAP), and recent start-ups. CALIPSO works within the IETF/IPv6 framework, which includes the recent IETF RPL and CoAP protocols. This gives a structure for evaluation that has not previously been available. We use Contiki open source OS, Europe’s leading smart object OS, as the target development environment for prototyping and experimental evaluation. We use three applications to drive our work: Smart Infrastructures, Smart Cities, and Smart Toys, all of which need both standardized interfaces and extremely low power operation. We see experimental validation and evaluation as critical to the success of the project. We expect CALIPSO results to impact four areas: standards, open source software, scientific research, and commercial products. Project partners have extensive experience in the application domains, the IETF, sensor networks, and open source software.