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Derrick KONDO
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Recently, a new vision of cloud computing has emerged where the complexity of an IT infrastructure is completely hidden from its users. At the same time, cloud computing platforms provide massive scalability, 99.999% reliability, and speedy performance at relatively low costs for complex applications and services. In this proposed collaboration, we investigate the use of cloud computing for large-scale and demanding applications and services over the most unreliable but also most powerful resources in the world, namely volunteered resources over the Internet. The motivation is the immense collective power of volunteer resources (evident by FOLDING@home's 3.9 PetaFLOPS system), and the relatively low cost of using such resources. We will focus on three main challenges. First, we will determine, design and implement statistical and prediction methods for ensuring reliability, in particular, that a set of N resources are available for T time. Second, we will incorporate the notion of network distance among resources. Third, we will create a resource specification language so that applications can easily leverage these mechanisms for guaranteed availability and network proximity. We will address these challenges drawing on the experience of the BOINC team which designed and implemented BOINC (a middleware for volunteer computing that is the underlying infrastructure for SETI@home), and the MESCAL team which designed and implemented OAR (an industrial-strength resource management system that runs across France's main 5000-node Grid called Grid'5000).