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7th International Workshop on Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems: Deep Virtualization for Mobile GIS  (IF&GIS’ 2015)

The 7th International Workshop on Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems (IF&GIS' 2015)  is expected to reflect problems of advanced geo-information science with a special emphasis towards deep virtualization for mobile GIS. IF&GIS’ 2015 encourage presentations of leading scientists doing research in environmental issues from the modeling, analysis, information processing and visualization. As well as practitioners engaged in GIS and GIS applications development.  The Workshop will pay close attention to the problems of scientific and technological innovations as well as deep virtualization for mobile GIS, and their application capabilities such as the monitoring, planning and simulation of urban systems with respect to economic trends as related to Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-based GIS.

Also we expect to discuss traditional problems about heterogeneous data, information and knowledge arriving from different sources and accounting for geographic information systems’ area aimed at realizing decision-making in monitoring systems of heterogeneous purpose and level.