Irini Fundulaki - Pushing the Limits of Instance Matching Systems: A Semantics-Aware Benchmark for Linked Data

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Equipe TYREX
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Irini Fundulaki
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Irini Fundulaki is a Principal Researcher of the Information Systems Laboratory of the Institute of Computer ScienceFORTH.


Conférence annulée

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In this talk we are going to  present  the Semantic Publishing Instance Matching Benchmark (SPIMBENCH) developed in the context of the Linked Data Benchmark Council EU project ( SPIMBench  allows the benchmarking of instance matching systems against not only structure-based and value-based test cases, but also against semantics-aware test cases based on OWL axioms. The benchmark features a scalable data generator and a weighted gold standard that can be used for debugging instance matching systems and for reporting how well they perform in various matching tasks.