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SPADES - Sound Programming of Adaptable Dependable Embedded Systems
Equipe-projet de recherche commune INRIA et CNRS, Grenoble INP, UGA
Responsable : 
Téléphone/Fax : 
04 76 61 54 76
Bâtiment : 
The SPADES project-team aims at mastering the complexity and dependability of networked embedded computing systems by focusing on three key questions:
  • How to build networked embedded systems as adaptive modular structures?
  • How to program systems with resource and behavioral constraints on multicore architectures?
  • How to program reliable and fault-tolerant embedded systems with different levels of criticality?
Research Themes:
  • (1) Components and contracts
    • Semantical foundations for embedded component-based design
    • Composition and contracts for embedded component-based design
  • (2) Real-time energy-efficient multicore programming
    •     GALS programming languages
    •     High-level programming languages for Precision-Timed machines
    •     Specialized programming models and languages.
  • (3) Language-based fault tolerance
    •     Composable abstractions for fault-tolerant programming
    •     Separating fault-tolerance concerns
    •     Tracking and exploiting causality for fault-tolerance
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