Hélène Soubaras - MDP multicritère à horizon fini pour le search-and-rescue

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L'équipe MAGMA
Hélène Soubaras
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L'équipe MAGMA reçoit en novembre la visite d'Hélène Soubaras (Thalès, Palaiseau), et organise à cette occasion un séminaire auquel vous êtes tous invités.

Le séminaire aura lieu le 6 novembre 2014 dans l'aquarium du bâtiment B.

In crisis management contexts such as search-and-rescue -- where an autonomous platform must look for victims to rescue after a disaster -- , and in many other applications, one encounters the following sequential decision-making problem: at given times, a choice must be done between options but there is a dilemma because they satisfy different criteria that can be hard to combine -- e.g. the duration of the mission and the gain it provides. Several infinite-horizon multi-criteria Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) have been proposed in the literature. This paper proposes to examine the finite-horizon case, with different models introducing the Choquet integral for the multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) aspect. Simulation results are shown.