The Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory is engaged in an ethical and parity initiative, organised around three main points:

1) Solidify the Gender Parity State of Affairs

The laboratory is establishing the current state of affairs.
This state of affairs will be consolidated in order to set the Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory against national statistics in our field on a number of gender parity indicators regarding staff but also the laboratory's activities.

2) Raise Awareness on Gender Parity Issues among Laboratory Members

This second point aims at improving knowledge about gender issues within the Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory through the implementation of communication, discussion, and training events.
Communication events are first and foremost carried out within the laboratory. They include spreading information about the current state of affairs regarding parity, highlighting the role of women within the laboratory, communicating about good practices and unacceptable behaviours, and providing information about existing support mechanisms for gender parity.

3) Promote a Gender Equality Momentum

The last point aims at improving gender parity among the laboratory's practices. It revolves around actions aimed at better respecting gender parity in the Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory’s activities (scientific events, communication, etc.), striking a better balance between family life and professional life, and promoting equitable career development regardless of gender.