Fablab research campus – Mathematics, Sciences and ICT division
FabMSTIC is a local network of technical resources dedicated to rapid prototyping located on the Saint-Martin D'Hères campus
Its purpose is to facilitate creativity, exchange between teams and different fields, facilitate certain research, and enhance projects by providing access to machine-tools for rapid prototyping, as well as facilitate popularisation and scientific communication. This initiative – introduced by the Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory in 2013 – is open to all eight laboratories of the Mathematics, Sciences and ICT community (Gipsa-lab, Verimag, LJK, TIMC, TIMA, GSCOP, Institut Fourier, Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory).

The Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory's FabMSTIC workshop provides an open-ended inventory of know-how and means to enable researchers to make prototypes, supports and all types of production that will allow them to advance in their research or to promote their work.

Mis à jour le 28 July 2021