AMA - dAta analysis, Modeling and mAchine learning
Joint research team between CNRS, Grenoble INP, UGA
+33 4 57 42 14 45
The AMA team (dAta analysis, Modeling and mAchine learning) was created in LIG in January 2011 to work on machine learning and information modeling for complex data. Within this framework, the team is interested in developing new theoretical tools, as well as new prototypes to be deployed in classification or simulation settings, for example. The research activity in the AMA team is structured along the following three main themes:
  • Data Analysis and Learning Theory,
  • Learning and Perception Systems,
  • Modeling Social Networks.

Permanent members

Last name First name Status Phone
AMBLARD Cécile Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 14 43
AMINI Massih-Reza Professor +33 4 57 42 14 45
BISSON Gilles Research Scientist +33 4 57 42 14 55
BROUARD Christophe Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 14 64
DEVIJVER Emilie Research Scientist +33 4 57 52 15 79
DOUZAL Ahlame Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 14 85
GARBAY Catherine Emeritus +33 4 57 42 14 97
GAUSSIER Eric Professor +33 4 57 42 15 00

Non-permanent members

Last name First name Status Phone
AFSHINPOUR Bahareh PhD Student
ALKHOURY Sami Engineer
ASSAAD Karim PhD Student
BECKER Sebastien PhD Student
BERNARDINI Michele Visiting Researcher
BETLEI Artem PhD Student
BURASHNIKOVA Aleksandra PhD Student
CLAUSEL Marianne Associated Researcher
DOINYCHKO Anastasiia PhD Student
ERMOLOVA Marina Intern
FEOFANOV Vasilii PhD Student
GARKAVENKO Mariia PhD Student
GRAIL Quentin PhD Student
GRISHCHENKO Dmitry PhD Student
HADJADJ Lies PhD Student
IMRAN Muhammad Intern
KHOSRAVI Mahdieh Post-doc
MALKOVA Aleksandra PhD Student
MARINESCU Julien Engineer
MAXIMOV Yury Visiting Researcher +33 4 57 42 14 45
MORADI FARD Maziar PhD Student
PAULETTO Loïc PhD Student
PERRIN Thibaud Intern
POPA Diana Post-doc
PRAT Gary Intern
SHAKIROVA Alevtina Intern
SHALAEVA Vera Visiting Researcher
TRAN Thi Phuong Thao PhD Student
ZHANG Xubei Intern
ZHENG Pu PhD Student
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