ERODS - Efficient and RObust Distributed Systems
Joint research team between CNRS, Grenoble INP, UGA
The goal of the ERODS team is to study the construction and the management of Cloud systems. We identify the following specific scientific goals:
· Self-management. Our goal is to integrate automation within Cloud environments with the intent to provide controllable SLA criteria for performance and robustness.
· Distributed runtime support. Our goal is to provide system support to build efficient and robust Cloud infrastructures.
· Virtual machines. Our goal is to revisit the design of virtual machines by collapsing different virtualization layers (high-level virtual machine, middleware, operating system, and hypervisor) into one modular platform.

Permanent members

Last name First name Status Phone
BOYER Fabienne Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 14 63
DE PALMA Noel Professor +33 4 57 42 14 78
DONSEZ Didier Professor +33 4 57 42 14 84
GRUBER Olivier Professor
LACHAIZE Renaud Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 15 16
MARANGOZOVA-MARTIN Vania Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 15 27
PALIX Nicolas Associate Professor +33 4 57421538
QUEMA Vivien Professor +33 4 57 42 15 47
ROPARS Thomas Associate Professor +33 4 57 42 15 55

Non-permanent members

Last name First name Status Phone
ABOUBAKR Buchra Intern
BAUMELA Thomas PhD Student
DIARRA Amadou Engineer
EKANE APAH Brice PhD Student
FERREIRA Christopher PhD Student
GUEDRIA Soulaimane PhD Student
KORKMAZ Kadir Intern
MATTEUSSI Kassiano José PhD Student
MOLL Adrien Engineer
MONATON Clément Engineer
MVONDO DJOB Barbe Thystère PhD Student
PAPOULIAS Nikolaos Post-doc
PLATINI Marc PhD Student
RENARD Félix Engineer
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