LIG research relies on important experimental and technological support structured around technological platforms in constant evolution.

Support engineers of PIMLIG take care of

  • design and deployment of the platforms,
  • design and development of research prototypes and demonstrators,
  • carrying out experiments together with researchers and faculty.

Yves Denneulin leads the PIMLIG Team.

The PIMLIG support engineers have a large scope of skills and competence so one of the important roles of the director is to match the requirements of different research teams with specific expertise of the engineers.

  • High performance computing and cloud: Pierre Neyron
  • Psycho-sociological studies and user centric design: Nadine Mandran
  • Informatics for socio-economy: Mahfoud Boudis
  • Software engineering and linguistics: Jean-Philippe Guilbaud, German Vega
  • Ambient intelligence, sensor and wireless networks, robotics and interaction: Étienne Dublé, Michael Ortega
  • Software tools , management databases : Isabelle Guillet, Laure Heigéas.
  • Graphic designer: Thierry Morturier
  • Usage and mediation, smart home : Sylvie Humblot
  • Website creation : Martine Harsché