• Project Wildcount


    Recorded at the Parc des Ecrins of an "intelligent" photo trap that embeds a frugal AI in energy.
    Didier Donsez - Georges Quenot - Denis Trystram

  • Simulate an earthquake crisis in the city by including human behavior


    A collaboration between LIG and Pacte laboratories
    Earthquakes in cities can be simulated by including human behavior, which makes it possible to better anticipate risks

  • Professor Bernabé Batchakui and Doctor Anne-Marie Chana

    Alain Tchana receives Professor Bernabé Batchakui and Doctor Anne-Marie Chana from the Yaoundé Polytechnic School at LIG from January 27 to February 4

  • Yves Demazeau

    was elected Fellow of Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association

  • Onur Mutlu

    LIG Seminar

    Tuesday November 29

    Memory-Centric Computing


  • Tic talk from LIG - Stéphane Grumbach

    Geopolitics and TIC

    Frédéric PROST receives Stéphane GRUMBACH who is research director at INRIA and member of the GEODE project which deals with the geopolitics of the datasphere


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