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Multidisciplinary Engineering Team - PIMLIG

PIMLIG is composed of engineers working on software development on behalf of research teams. LIG research relies on important experimental and technological support structured around technological platforms in constant evolution.

Support engineers of PIMLIG take care of

  • design and deployment of the platforms,
  • design and development of research prototypes and demonstrators,
  • carrying out experiments together with researchers and faculty.

Yves Denneulin leads the PIMLIG Team

The PIMLIG support engineers have a large scope of skills and competence so one of the important roles of the director is to match the requirements of different research teams with specific expertise of the engineers.

  • High performance computing and cloud: Pierre Neyron
  • Psycho-sociological studies and user centric design: Nadine Mandran
  • Informatics for socio-economy: Mahfoud Boudis
  • Software engineering and linguistics: Jean-Philippe Guilbaud, German Vega
  • Ambient intelligence, sensor and wireless networks, robotics and interaction: Étienne Dublé, Michael Ortega
  • Software tools , management databases : Isabelle Guillet, Laure Heigéas.
  • Graphic designer: Thierry Morturier
  • Usage and mediation, smart home : Sylvie Humblot
  • Website creation : Martine Harsché


Leader   Yves DENNEULIN

Submitted on March 5, 2024

Updated on March 5, 2024