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Laboratory overview

500 members of LIG : faculty, full-time researchers, PhD students, administrative and technical staff. They are distributed over three sites in Grenoble and its suburbs: the Saint Martin d'Hères Campus, Minatec, and the Montbonnot Campus.

The mission of LIG is to contribute to the development of fundamental aspects of Computer Science (models, languages, methodologies, algorithms) and address conceptual, technological, and societal challenges.

Increasing diversity and dynamism of data, services, interaction devices, and use cases influence the evolution of software and systems so they need to guarantee the essential properties such as reliability, performance, autonomy, and adaptability. Addressing such challenges is the objective of 22 research teams organized into 5 focus areas.

LIG focuses on the fundamentals of Computer Science and experimental developments while taking into account new societal challenges.

Submitted on March 6, 2024

Updated on March 6, 2024