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TYREX - Types and Reasoning for the Web

Joint research project-team INRIA and CNRS, Grenoble INP, UGA
Area : Formal Methods, Models, and Languages

We work on the foundations of the next generation of data analytics and data-centric programming systems. These systems extend ideas from programming languages, artificial intelligence, data management systems, and theory. Data-intensive applications are increasingly more demanding in sophisticated algorithms to represent, store, query, process, analyse and interpret data. We build and study data-centric programming methods and systems at the core of artificial intelligence applications. Challenges include the robust and efficient processing of large amounts of structured, heterogeneous, and distributed data.

On the data-intensive application side, our current focus is on building efficient and scalable analytics systems. Our technical contributions particularly focus on the optimization, compilation, and synthesis of information extraction and analytics code, in particular with large amounts of data.

On the theoretical side, we develop the foundations of data-centric systems and analytics engines with a particular focus on the analysis and typing of data manipulations. We focus in particular on the foundations of programming with distributed data collections. We also study the algebraic and logical foundations of query languages, for their analysis and their evaluation.


Programming Languages    Artificial Intelligence    Web Data    Big Data    Models and Languages    Theory    Logic    Reasoning    Formal Methods    Compilation    Query Languages    Web Technologies


Leader  Pierre GENEVES
Phone  04 76 61 55 28
Fax  04 76 61 52 07
Building  Montbonnot - INRIA

Submitted on March 5, 2024

Updated on March 5, 2024